Date: 18th July 2018 at 7:00am
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It was a lively day yesterday for Everton fans, we appeared to get an early sight of our three new kits for the coming Premier League campaign of 2018/19.

Everton are of course still to announce the new Umbro strips for the coming season but like this time every year, fans are eagerly awaiting the announcement. It seems a small snafu over in Hong Kong shops might have scuppered the official announcement though as photos are now doing the rounds on social media and they were quickly picked up on.

Speaking for myself I don’t actually have an issue with any of them, what stands out for me is that awful Angry Birds nonsense on the sleeve. It seems like some young graffiti artist broke into the kit room ahead of the game and scribbled on the strips.

It just doesn’t work on a shirt.

I’m far from alone when looking at the images though, some quite like them, others couldn’t give a Sam Allardyce and a few are downright incensed.

It must be said though, there are no guarantees these are genuine – it wouldn’t be the first time a clubs fanbase has been duped by something like this.


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