Date: 3rd December 2018 at 6:30am
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It was far from a great showing by manager Marco Silva’s side in the Merseyside derby on Sunday, but Everton can certainly feel aggrieved at losing out to rivals Liverpool when it came to the points.

The hosts at Anfield had the better possession and overall chances across the 90 minutes, but we restricted them to only three shots on target – the same number we had in the game – and had it not been for a Jordan Pickford clanger and a bizarre goal six minutes into stoppage-time from Divock Origi we would’ve been talking about a well-earned point, especially as for periods of the game we were on top and the side looking to go for the win.

As it is the 232nd meeting leaves us looking for victory once more, but there are plenty of positives to take when you remove the emotion and anger as Jurgen Klopp’s completely ungentlemanly conduct takes the headlines.

Whoscored weren’t great with their player ratings given our efforts (in my humble) and only digne got into the 7’s with his star man rating from the day.

Bernard, Gylfi Sigurdsson, Idrissa Gueye, and Seamus Coleman completed the top five on the day but it is a game we should’ve got more from but I guess fans should look on the bright side.


7 Replies to “This Man Takes MotM As Everton Are Cruelly Beaten By Disrespectful Liverpool”

  • So bitter didn’t realise it was ungentlemanly to celebrate a last minute goal with great passion. You clearly watched this on tv as there is no mention of the disgraceful behaviour of the away support not shown on tv. I. The final minutes they were throwing missiles on to the players and the home support. After the goal they threw a flair into the parent and child enclosure. Never mind disrespectful that’s thuggish behaviour.

    • Unless I’m misunderstanding a Clown would realise these were Whoscored’s ratings? It’s implied by the mention of Whoscored.

  • One can pretend all one likes that this is the beginning of a new dawn for Everton, but anyone who knows a bit about football understands that is rubbish. They are basically a small club now – this isn’t the sixties ( unfortunately, I liked the sixties ). It is highly unlikely, gven the way football is structured, that they can ever be a big club again, Once every five or six years they might have a decent run in the cup if the draw is kind to them, but that is it. For Liverpool – a much bigger club – the panorama isn’t all that much brighter. They haven’t won anything for years and this is almost certain to be another trophyless season. Thus far they have done very well in the league – very poorly in Europe. But with Ciry virtually certain to come out on top it ill be second at best. As for the C.L., if Liverpool go through they will be very easy meat indeed for top clubs like Juve etc.

  • Dream on…time will tell indeed but I suspect Everton are a new animal and I know you are deluded and this is wishful thinking…New Stadium on the banks of the Royal blue Mersey too….Haha…i know that kills you too….Enjoy while it lasts phoney club…the people’s club about to emerge as top dogs in the City….footy in Liverpool started with Everton and will end with Everton

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