Date: 14th March 2019 at 8:00am
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Marco Silva was the chosen one last summer, but now for some he seems to be a manager that Blues fans would like to leave the club.

The Portuguese boss has got a decent reputation for the work he has done at the likes of Hull and Watford – albeit on short-term bases.

He does, however, deserve the chance to really prove himself at our club and stabilise – so calls for him to be sacked are ludicrous.

A manager many of us desperately wanted, it’s the typical nature of the football fan to change quickly but, from him, where do we go next?

He changed the squad around greatly in the summer and things were always going to take time to gel – the fact that we still have a chance of coming seventh seems to be overlooked.

Eventually, we want to be back in the top four and challenging at the sharp end but, in reality, seventh this season was the best we could probably realistically hope for.

We’ve got a chance of that, and the squad is only going to increase in coherence so let’s give the guy a break.


3 Replies to “Some Everton fans need a reality check instead of calling for key departure”

  • What match’s has this idiot being watching Silva is way out of his depth. The man is clueless end of the season he needs to go. Also he was poor at Hull and Watford, Big Sam was a joke but Silva is unreal, poor signings by Everton.

    • Be patient like we were with Howard and man u were with fergie
      Rome wasn’t built in a day

  • I was excited of the prospect that the author of the article was going to give some facts and evidence to support the reasons why Silva should stay. Unfortunately he gave his opinion only. Giving abaseless argument to others opinions. Not really carrying much weight.

    Silva must move as he has lost more points than any other past manager has in the past four years. Silva must move on as his attitude towards zonal marking is one that not shows dogmatic determation to be proven wrong but shows a rigid one dimensional approach towards management. Lacking flexibility only proves limitations in his tactical nouse. A niave approach by Silva to make cheap a captains position only effects the leadership quality on the pitch. To Consistently make a 20 year old bench warmer captain in davies is an utter joke of a decision that causes more problems then it is positive. Imagine making an In experienced soldier in charge of a company whilst undertaking an assault. Madness.

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