Date: 3rd January 2019 at 7:20am
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With Everton’s form slipping as 2018 came to an end in the Premier League, although there was the high of a victory over Burnley, that was sandwiched by Tottenham Hotspur, Brighton and now Leicester City disappointments, and for some fans they’ve already now had enough of manager Marco Silva.

On the back of the most recent loss as we made it one win in eight attempts, the performance seems to have tipped many over the edge and on social media in the aftermath of the game, plenty were calling for former Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho to be quickly appointed to turn our season around as we’ve slipped down the table into tenth place.

It would certainly be an ambitious move, but it seems hasty as managers need time (a commodity rarely given in the game these days) and there are always upsets along the way. I know the ‘Special One’ has a solid track record of success, but in terms of style of football he’s a rich man’s Sam Allardyce, so how many times will the club need to pivot before it’s enough?

Another slip up against Lincoln in the FA Cup and the Board may not have a choice though.


2 Replies to ““Shambles He’s Got To Go Now” – These Everton Fans Want Premier League Winner As Next Gaffer”

  • I wouldn’t mind searching for every fan who thinks Mourinho is the answer and blocking them on twitter, as it’s an immediate sign that literally not one of them knows ANYTHING about football. Media always quotes how ‘fans want this’ or ‘fans want that’. Kind of scary when you see evidence of just how stupid a lot of fans are.

  • These fans must be insane. Why on earth would we want a dated egomaniac as our manager? Get a grip, he’s past it, he couldn’t get a talented Man U-side to perform, why would he get our to? Give Silva a chance to prove himself, he’s ony been here half a season… have some patience for gods sake…

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