Date: 1st September 2018 at 8:00am
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Despite RB Leipzig’s thoroughly unprofessional media whoring of what should be private dealings between themselves and Everton, Ralf Rangnick got exactly what he deserved on Friday…

The second word intimated above is ‘all’.

Ademola Lookman did not return to the German Red Bull public relations experiment and finally, we have some solace from Rangnick’s mouth but no doubt his arrogance will see another interview or two over the next week and then I guess we prepare for the Return Of The Ralf come January.

In fairness for balance – I don’t like him because I don’t like people who conduct business in football in the press, his work at Leipzig is actually pretty impressive given their rise over the last few years under him, he knows his stuff and he clearly knows a good player as demonstrated by his interest in Lookman, but he’s let himself down here and if I was a fan of the club, I’d hold the exact same opinion.

But back to my soapbox.

With the transfer window closing properly at 5pm, even though I believe the European window in some countries remained open until 11pm, Lookman not leaving is a failure for Leipzig given the time they spent talking about the deal – maybe it would’ve served them better to up the price? – and it represents a success for Everton having always held the standpoint that he would not be sold.

The question becomes when does Marco Silva now call on him given few believe he’s been ‘injured’?

These fans think today is the time for Lookman to make a statement, on the pitch and if the decision was his, prove it with the performance.

There will be those who think Lookman has been unprofessional but unless I’ve missed it he hasn’t thrown his toys publicly at least in terms of cryptic social media messages and the like, so it’s over to him to back that up ultimately.

At the end of the day, where would he actually want to be successful – the Premier League or the Bundesliga? No disrespect meant to Germany but – and yes there are exceptions and there’s plenty we can learn from their game, especially when it comes to fans – but top players want to test themselves at our top level. The Bundesliga is a stepping stone to the Championship at worst as we now see regularly during the transfer windows.

Given I’ve put this on timer, if a deal now gets announced I’m going to look a right plum!