Date: 6th September 2018 at 5:00pm
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Everton made one of the more exciting signings of the summer when they snapped up Richarlison from Watford.

Of course, many sneered and jibed at the price but in the modern market it probably wasn’t really that much over the top.

Clearly, too, he is a good player with the way he has started bringing smiles to our faces but how excited should we be getting?

Rivaldo has come out and said he could be a star for the Brazil side as well as us – that would suggest that we are in for a fun ride.

Indeed, he is working under a manager with whom he clearly enjoys a top relationship – that again bodes well.

Really, the sky does seem to be the limit with him and so perhaps the only thing I’d question is what happens if Silva ends up going?

That isn’t likely at the moment but he dropped off when Silva left Watford – would the same happen here?

For now, though, it seems safe to say that we should be enjoying every minute.