Date: 14th March 2019 at 10:30am
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Everton’s season has produced very few positive moments so far, but one of the shining lights from Marco Silva’s maiden campaign is still able to cause a rift in the fanbase on the Grand Old Team forum.

That shining light is summer-signing Richarlison, who became an instant fan favourite when he lifted the entire squad in the early stages of the season.

His form did curtail somewhat in line with the rest of the squad’s decline, and the Brazilian was even dropped from the starting XI when we faced Liverpool at the start of the month.

A recall against Newcastle, though, saw Richarlison return to his goal scoring ways with his eleventh of the season and regain our top goalscorer status – joint with Gylfi Sigurdsson.

His price tag, however, continues to be a sticking point for some of the fanbase who demand more from the 21-year-old we spent a reported £35million, rising to £50m, to land…

“I don’t rate him. 45m and he consistently trips over the ball, can never beat the full back in a one on one situation, can’t cross, and feigns injury every time he’s breathed on. And he’s a moody, petulant boy as well” – Mawders (March 13, 05:28)

“What difference does it make to you whether he cost £45m or £4.5m.” – Nymzee (March 13, 05:32)

“It makes ten times the difference! If he cost buttons I would not be at all concerned by how poor his overall game is. Our most expensive (joint?) signing ever can’t control a ball.” – Bol-UK (March 13, 07:13)

“’Our fans have a weird obsession with wanting our best players sold all the time’ – I’ve noticed this, especially recently with Stones, Ross and Lukaku. Well they got their wish and look where we are now…” – Dholliday (March 13, 07:17)

“As a fan, with no financial ties to the club, what difference does it actually make.” – Nymzee (March 13, 07:20)

“The same as the reaction to Cenk, Klaassen, Bolasie and Keane, he is obviously not as bad as they are/were for us but the constant reaction was to compare to their price to their ability/performance. In direct relation to 60 grand and Tim Cahill, who cost next to nothing and have far exceeded their value. Price is very important in how you view a signing, big price brings big expectations. – Bol-UK (March 13, 07:27)

“But it shouldn’t, it means nothing to us, whether someone costs £45m or £4.5m we should still expect the same level of performance.” – Nymzee (March 13, 08:08)

“I think he has been shocking for the last 5 months as well, falls over easy, not strong enough on the ball, get a decent offer in the summer I say sell as there are better players out there for his money, just look up AJAX” – Kiss the crest (March 13, 08:13)

“We hate our players” – Pabbers (March 13, 08:31)

“People having a go at this lad need to get in the bin. First season, 21-year-old Brazilian international who also happens to be our top scorer. He’ll continue to improve, least of our worries.” – LocalNative (March 13, 14:12)