Date: 18th May 2018 at 8:13am
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Yesterday afternoon, former Everton manager Sam Allardyce went on the offensive following his sacking this week by the club.

Having come in as Ronald Koeman’s replacement with a heavy eye on defensive improvements, his style of football certainly didn’t enamour him with the fans but I guess if pressed, many would say the football was what they expected – a leopard doesn’t change their spots if it works for them.

Maybe there was a hope of better? Maybe it was the way Allardyce downplayed the concerns? In the Donald Trump era, absolutely anything is possible.

Having already covered his plans for next season, the fan survey and issues with the fans, Allardyce kept part of the story the same as he spoke to the BBC, but also claimed he ‘knew he would be sacked’.

Okay, he doesn’t qualify exactly when but many fans will instantly have felt their ‘Spidey Sense’ go off in light of recent interviews.

“It seemed to be done and dusted through the media. I think it was out there in the open for a couple of days. That leaves you with the certainty of what was going to happen.”


“I think there were certainly more Everton fans who were happy with what we were doing and going in the right direction than the ones that weren’t. Those who show discontent are the ones who are more open and vocal about it. I would say most of them didn’t want me out.”

The latter claim as you imagine is the one that caught the most traction online and yes, it’s not the first time the minority have been claimed to shout the loudest. On the other hand, the silent majority haven’t come out in their droves weeping in his favour either.

Note to self – the fans supporting him on face value don’t appear to be Everton fans.

So to the minority.