Date: 13th July 2018 at 9:30am
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I’ve had to edit this piece a couple of times, so I’ll get the news out of the way here as it wasn’t how I expected it to end, to begin with.

Everton youngster Jack Kiersey has signed a new one-year extension at the club and credited our youth set up with helping him to ‘develop’ as both a player and a person in his time with us. A considerable amount of time for the 19-year-old, in fact, as he joined us as a fresh-faced 10-year-old after we identified his early talent.

Having overcome the injuries that dogged him throughout 2017/18, the youngster is looking forward to kicking on this campaign as his first professional year certainly didn’t go his way.

Speaking to the Official Site after signing his 12 month extension, our former Under 18 Player of the Year for the season of 2016/17 explained.

“Last year was difficult so I’m really happy I got a new deal and now I want to kick on and stay fit. I had an operation on my hamstring that kept me out for a lot of last season and I had a few other niggly injuries. But I’m ready to get back into it now. I’m fully-fit, strong and ready to go. Now I just want to stay fit and play as many games as possible. That’s my main goal.”

He went on to make a big thing about how he felt he’d grown as a person and how the club had helped him to mature over the years he’s been with us. I can’t help but see a certain irony in that.

The above tweet is clickable obviously and it’ll take you to the responses that I can’t, or refuse to embed.

One response I’d gladly post I’ll type instead.

Best supporters in the world?
We’ve got kids here who have worked their ******** off for years for this achievement and all you can do is be negative.
Probably the proudest day in the lads life.
Talking of life, why don’t some of you get one?
Well done Jack.
Good luck.

I echo the response to the comment.

Social media these days has many positive uses and there are some fantastic elements of humour whether coarse, close to the line or intelligent and witty. The downside of social media is anonymity and keyboard warriors who believe they can say anything they like as if they were the centre of the world, the font of all knowledge or in a position whereby their judgement is the right and only one.

This club announcement was a testament to the latter sadly. Not necessarily because of bad judgement on attempted humour, nor necessarily because of a modern-day infection in football online – a “sign someone” or “announce someone” else series of demands in response to whatever a club’s social media team posts.

It was a testament because at no point did some fans consider the youngster who they could very well be worshipping in the next few seasons if he becomes the next Academy prospect to make a breakthrough. Nobody thought to add at the end “well-done kid make me regret not acknowledging you” or even “with that said, well done Jack”.

At least throughout this Kiersey has matured and I wish him all the luck in the world as he works to succeed in the game.