Date: 14th March 2019 at 7:00am
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Everton will be looking to finish this season strongly as we still have a little bit to play for.

The Blues perhaps could have had a better season under Marco Silva but there is no reason to lose hope yet.

If we finish seventh and the FA Cup finalists go our way there remains a chance that we can get into Europe and that would represent a welcome boost for us.

We’d have to build the squad more, though, and it remains to be seen if Andre Gomes has done enough.

The midfielder has been decent this campaign but perhaps hasn’t proven himself on a frequent basis.

We know what he can do, but has he done it enough for us? Probably not.

For sure, then, a decision needs to be made with the Liverpool Echo underlining the idea that he could have a £40m price-tag placed on his head.

Everton, though, have not seen enough to warrant paying that much, and they should dodge the bullet at all costs.


4 Replies to “Everton need to dodge £40m bullet at all costs this summer”

  • Two different rumours out there. 1) He’s up for 40 million euros. 2) Barcelona want to get 40 million euros for two players, including Gomes. They have already agreed a deal for the other player for 20 million euros, which a matter of maths means that they want 20 million euros for Gomes (I think that’s fractionally over £17m). At £34m, mmm, think carefully about it. At £17m, all day and everyday. Gomes is class and can be a backbone of the side.

  • I agree at 17 mil I think gomez could be worth a shunt but any more and it could a bridge too far.

  • Guys when you think how much our other recent donkeys have cost the club. I’ll start a “Go Fund Gomes” page just to top up up the extra….

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