Date: 18th April 2018 at 10:04am
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I’m not entirely sure how to react to learning about the news that Everton have asked a select group of fans to ‘rate’ Sam Allardyce in a survey.

Fan frustration with Allardyce’s preferred style of play are well known; it’s largely effective but not exactly pleasing to the eye nor entertaining. However, he was brought into the club to do one job and that was to draw a line under our form following Ronald Koeman’s spell in charge.

Moving up the table into ninth place – 10 points from a potential European challenge at this point of the season – pretty much is a case of ‘job done’ though and the question becomes have fans seen enough from Allardyce to believe he can kick on further from here, or alternatively, if we believe the rot has been stopped has it been stopped enough for the squad not to suffer if a further managerial change is made with hopes of improvement?

On the one hand, this survey could be a Board looking to justify a decision via the fans even though Big Sam has more than achieved his remit. On the other hand, it could be a Board appearing to be proactive and understanding of fan concerns but angling a survey that by design gives Allardyce a positive reaction – as in spite of fan issues, they are happy with the job he’s doing and are trying to distance themselves and quell tempers.

These days it’s difficult not to be cynical I guess?

I’ve not seen the full questions obviously, hopefully we will in time as I doubt I’m the only fan with a mixed reaction to this given it’s such a novel idea but the BBC give a flavour, explaining that the panel of fans selected have been asked to answer questions such as:

“I have a high level of trust in the current manager and coaching staff…eg in making the right decisions to get the best out of the team.”

The score is zero to ten.

The following Tweet is doing the rounds as well…

Complicating matters further, our original first choice, Marco Silva is now kicking his heels after subsequently being sacked by Watford following our interest and their turn in form.

It must be said, Everton send out fan survey’s several times a year and I don’t believe this survey solely focuses on the manager and his backroom boys, it also asks fans to rate their level of trust in the players and other topics of interest.

I’m open to being proven wrong, but I’ve just not heard of a survey with such a focus being the norm? Some suggest I might be in the Tweets below.

Reactions are mixed though.